211213 Art Print

211213 Art Print

Kelly Boyle
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Limited Edition Giclee Print of Ballpoint Pen Illustration '211213'

  • This Giclee Print is limited to a run of 10 in that paper stock and size
  • Printed on Archival Cotton 100% rag paper with a firm 300gsm base that renders fine detail impeccably giving a velvet finish with 75 years colour fast.
  • Dimensions: 29.7 x 42 cm
  • The print is handsigned and numbered by the artist.
  • Dimensions include a white border to allow for framing.
  • All packaging is recyclable.
  • The original drawing is 21 x 29.7cm and was completed in approximately 100 hours using ballpoint pens and a fineliner.
  • All work is unplanned capturing the essence of the moment.

    For years I have spent time fighting with myself, with my demons, as I thought they were the enemy. I’ve come to learn that I needed to befriend them, help sooth and nurture them, as they are part of me and they help protect me.

    The wording comes from a David Lynch style dream I had during the creation of this drawing. Haunted by a spectre in my dream, fighting against each other. The spectre would become visible if viewed through a mirror. As I held the mirror up so I could see it in order to kill it; the spectre was a man, he said” you can’t kill me, see I am you I am”