100217 Art Print

100217 Art Print

Kelly Boyle
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This is a Digitally tiled image of Ballpoint pen Illustration '100216'
Available as a vibrant print that'll brighten up any wall.
  • The image is printed on 300gsm white recycled card
  • Dimensions: 29.7 x 42 cm.
  • Dimensions include a black border to allow for framing.
  • Prints are hand signed.
  • Packaging is recyclable.

© All Artwork is subject to copyright 

With a leap of faith, I break free,
With out knowing where I'm going,
Or expectation of where I'm meant to be.....
Jump feet first,
A new chapter breeds,
Unfolding pages,
Like brail, I'll feel,
Life experienced through the eyes of a child,
In awe and wonder,
Simplistic delight
Keeping in check this anxious mind,
Senses peaking,
Absorbed in seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing,
Touching, like grass between toes,
Colours in the breeze,
Takes me to a place of gentle ease,
It's simply poetic
I'm romancing existence,
In personal creation,
Where I'm free to be me,
Delusional or brave,
who can say,
but I'm being the flow,
Trusting a voice that lays deep within,
through choices and actions,
Words I speak,
Step into the unknown,
Throw caution to the wind,
Strip back to the core,
Unleash the spirit within.