Do you have a design in mind when you start?

No. I put pen to paper and start with a line or a shape and see where it takes me. Rotating the page as I go, which allows for a fresh perspective.

What is your favourite medium?
Favourites are fluid and mood dependent. I'll always have a love for ballpoint pens as they allow me to create on the go. Combining a love for travel and spontaneity whilst being able to enjoy new situations blanketed within a creative bubble of joy.  I really love using the pyrography pen also as it feels instinctively primal to etch and burn into wood or bone.. 


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Are you afraid of damaging the artwork when drawing in bars ad cafes?
I've spilt things on the drawings myself e.g. many of the characters have appeared because of a chocolate brownie stain. I cant always control everything around me just work with it as it happens, it always seems to add a little extra magic to a piece afterwards.

What do the words in your artwork represent?
They are part of my experience at the time of creation. 

Drawing in Ls6 Cafe, Leeds

How long does it take you to do one drawing?
The last drawing took me about one year. Having a few days to have breaks. When I first started drawing again it was simple doodles on post it notes whilst sat at a desk in an IT job. Over the years the drawings have grown organically in size, technique and time taken to complete.

Do you do multiple drawings at a time?
No. I work on one drawing until its finished to capture the moment. I will also have multiple paintings or pyrography work on the go at the same time.

What are the numbers that you title your work with?
They are the date of completion. The artwork is a  visual diary and and has becomes a memory mind map.

Drawing on the Streets of Leeds 

Have you always drawn in this style?

 I stopped creating for around 6 years when i was 21. At the time I was studying art & design.  I left the course for multiple reasons. Life took me on a different path. Not creating was pretty soul destroying. I did Reiki level 1 on 070707 and started doodling again that day.

There is a peace that comes with drawing something that I cant compare it to. It provides an unpressurised space for me to create and evolve organically and to be exactly as I am in the moment. 

Doing something that I love that fits with my own nature has had a huge impact on my mental health and lifestyle; Drawing, playing music, things that allow me to process or doing things like taking a bath, walking in nature. I can have quite a fixated personality at times; slowly changing addictions for special interests has had a huge impact on my self-esteem.

I think we all work in our own way and at our own pace, depending on our nature and personal experiences. Offering self-compassion rather than beating ourselves up goes along way in nurturing who we are, which is why I have the phrase, 'Believe in You' on my business cards. 

Drawing intuitively feels natural to me. It's a therapeutic and meditative experience that allows me to connect with myself and others.

It taught me that each person can see something totally different in each drawing and there's no right or wrong answer. Its a different perspective on the same situation.

KB x

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