Doodle For Your Noodle - Art Group

Doodle for your Noodle 6 Jan 2022

A relaxed and cosy creative hang at Hyde Park Bookclub, Leeds Ls6. Aimed at adding warmth and creative connection to a cold winters eve.


'Doodle for your Noodle' is an Art group that's based within a supportive setting.

 I provide pens and paper and invite people to turn off their phones and check in with themselves for an hour or so. Without judgement of what art is.

I sit and draw with the group. People are free to draw whatever they choose or if a white page feels too daunting then I also provide colouring in sheets. I will offer technical artistic support if asked specifically by someone in the group.

Drawing workshop for staff that work at a mental health charity

I've had the pleasure of witnessing someone transported from being in a  heightened state of anxiety to total relaxation in a matter of moments.

I have facilitated this setting for:

  • Children at festivals, where parents have also taken great joy in participating.
  • Spontaneous Pop Up event - PWYF - Mainly based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.
  • Mental well-being workshops.
  • As part of work-away days for companies/charities.
  • Amongst groups of friends.

If you would like to know when the next event is or would like one hosting please drop a quick message via the contacts page.