Person and artist a work in progress. 

Originally from Wakefield now residing in Leeds, UK. I'm a bit of a gentle goofball that likes to play and can also be fiery with a taste for mischief. Doodling became a positive addiction. A peaceful escapism and holding space where I can feel settled amidst the unsettling. Like a turtle in its shell.

After a 6 year hiatus I started drawing very small on post it notes. I was 27 and two years sober. Slowly over time and with small steps things progress. I've an inquisitive and experimental nature. I work best with spontaneity and without time limits, trusting gut instincts. I'm self taught as all I ever wanted was to find my own way. 

I love drawing to music. Going to gigs where the pen moves with the beat. Propelling my own driving force. Connecting to that which encircles. The people, the energy, frequencies, emotions. Absorbing like a sponge and releasing with creativity. Being in nature brings me peace as does stroking dogs.

The art captures the unconscious and the conscious, the emotional and logic. The symbolism is universal as are the emotions that help create it. The imagery is intersubjective depending on the viewer, there's no right or wrong, just a different perspective.

As a kid I'd copy cartoon characters, Looney Tunes' Taz was my favourite. My mind was blown when i first saw Manga artwork, I fell in love with the emotion that was captured by the simplicity of using tapered lines and large eyes. Nature has been the biggest inspiration for colour use. I was always taught that red and green should ever be seen, but nature knows best, it's just learning how to work with it.

I'm so very grateful for this outlet, the places its taken me, the connections made. Reality can hit like a kidney punch but life can be so full of magic and possibility; the simplest of experiences can feel like they've been sprinkled with fairy dust.